Family Based Services, L.L.C.
Mission Statement

Family Based Services, L.L.C . was specifically designed to meet the
individual needs of children and their families.  Family Based Services,
L.L.C. specializes in bring family and children back together.  Our goal is
to meet the ongoing needs and challenges the family may be facing.  
Family Based Services, L.L.C. is
dedicated in providing reliable and
trustworthy ASO Services to those
agencies and families that need the
services to be provided.  Family Based
Services, L.L.C. has a well qualified staff
with all staff having at least 5 years of
experience in helping and working directly
with families.   Family Based Services,
LLC is a state approved and licensed
agency that looks forward to working with
you in the future.
Working to Keep Families Together
Family Assessment: Face to face interview to
evaluate family dynamics to determine strengths/needs.
Needs Assessment: Face to face interview, provider
must see the home, identify short/long term service
Case Management: Services to assist to gain access,
linkage/referral, advocacy and family crisis response
Adult Life Skills: Direct services to develop basic
home management skill and in developing
social/emotional support through hands on or role
modeling.  To improve problem solving, resolving
conflicts, meal preparation, laundry, housekeeping, food
shopping, budgeting, accessing community resources,
General Parenting: This service is used primary for
new mothers and mothers.  Basic child/adolescent care
skills, nurturing, discipline strategies, appropriate
supervision, and encouragement of child/adolescent
behavior, realistic expectations and standards of
child/adolescent behavior.
Individualized Parenting: Basic child/adolescent care
skills, nurturing, discipline strategies, appropriate
supervision, and encouragement of child/adolescent
behavior, realistic expectations and standards of
child/adolescent behavior.  This service is provided to
parents needs, individualized behavior management
technique or understanding a child's specific mental or
physical health condition.
Tutoring: Structured setting which the child is taught or
guided in an academic area to enhance skills to avoid
failing a core education requirement. The service is time
limited and the child's academic functioning level/ability
must be considered. Tutoring is to build upon a targeted
academic skill which the student has a documented
Agency Transportation: Reimbursement for the
provision of transportation services such as for activities
that a child/youth or family need transportation.
Case Management: Services are defined as those
services which assist child welfare recipients to gain
access to needed medical, behavioral health, social,
educational and other services. Case Management
Services are to be provided at a level of intensity
required by the client.
Safety Bundle: A grouping of services for families to
provide safety to children and communities, while
reducing and/or eliminating conditions/behaviors
leading to out of-home placement of children; families
who are at imminent risk (immediate likelihood of out of
home placement) of out of home care due to CPS
involvement. This grouping includes supervision,
individualized parenting, family crisis response,
social/emotional support, and home-maker services.
This service must commence within 24 hours of referral.
Intervention Travel Time: This code is for reimbursing
providers who are traveling to a MDT or to complete a
home visit in which a Socially Necessary Service is
being provided when the time to reach the home from
the providers business exceeds one hour one way.
Mentoring/ Child Oriented Activities: Structured
games and activities, targeting the child(ren) conducted
under supervision that are physically or mentally
stimulating to practice positive social skills, reinforcing
positive risk taking behaviors and enhancing self-
image. Activities should offer some tangible social
successes and contribute to positive behavior change.  
This is a structured relationship or partnership that
focuses on the need of the client.  Purpose is to
acquire new behaviors or skills, alter existing
nonproductive skills and connect children with safe
places and structured activities through
encouragement, reinforcement, counseling and role
modeling. Focuses on interpersonal skills, educational
goals and self-image.
Supervised Visitation/ Supervision: "Eyes On"
oversight to provide structure and ensure safety to the
client, family and/or community. Must be within the
defined boundary in which the provider can intervene
immediately to ensure safety, permanency and well
being.  Structure and environmental control is needed
to intervene immediately to ensure safety, permanency
and well being. Supervision to monitor child or parent's
reaction to stress, inconsistent parenting techniques,
impulse reactions, detrimental expectations and
maintain safety.  Supervision is needed to ensure
safety of a child and the family due to volatile,
aggressive and/or self harmful behaviors of a child or
family member.
Family Crisis Response: Face to face intervention in
the client environment to assess and de-escalate a
family emergency.  This may target dysfunctional family
interactions or environmental situations that have
escalated to point that safety (protection from abuse or
neglect) of a child or community may be at risk of
immediate danger.  Available 24-7. This service
responds to the current family crisis that involves family
disorganization and/or emotional upheaval that has
resulted in an inability function and problem solve.
Social/Emotional Support: Provision of basic social
connections and basic emotional support to parents.
The lack of support must affect the child’s safety. The
service must have an immediate impact on controlling
the influences that affect safety.
Transportation Time: This code is for providers
whose only service is transporting a DHHR client(s).
These providers/transports are not associated with
their own provision of a socially or behavior health
medically necessary service. The provider is not
engaged in an
otherwise billable activity. Mileage encumbered when
transporting is billed separately. This is used for Drug
MDT Attendance: Re-imbursement for an
agency/independent provider participating in the
quarterly individual Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting in
person to present written reports of progress, answer
questions and assist in establishing the appropriate
plan for the identified child and/or family.
Services and Definitions