The main office is a two story house located in
Charmco, West Virginia.  It has four offices; a large
visitation room with a TV, books, and toys; and areas for
the children to eat food brought by the parents.  The
office has a large enclosed yard with a swing set and a
sand pile to allow the children room to run and play  
under close supervision of the parents.  Family Based
Services cares about the children and wants to provide
a family friendly atmosphere.  We here at Family Based
Services, L.L.C., are dedicated to providing quality
services to all of the families we serve.
Also, we want to work closely with the Department of
Health and Human Resources to ensure the families are
receiving services as per MDT recommendations and
court ordered.  Our staff attend all MDT meetings and
will have a written report to present to all MDT
members.  They also are prepared to be available for
court if necessary.
Family Based Services, L.L.C was specifically designed
to meet the individual needs of children and their
families; Family Based Services, L.L.C.specializes in
bring family and children back together. Our goal is to
meet the ongoing needs and challenges the family may
be facing. This is new company that was started in
2006.  Just because we are a new company does not
mean we can not help families.  All of our staff has had
experience in this field for several years.  We know that
there are a lot of companies out there trying to perform
the same kind of business.  The difference with Family
Based Services, L.L.C to the other companies is we
want to keep families together.  We provide a range of
services to all families we work with.